Bonjour from Mén Beni

I'm so happy you stopped by our site to learn more about hair health and restoration. If this is your first time on our site: WELCOME! Hi my name is Fabi and I am a Loctician, I grew up with my mother owning a salon for over 30 years. I created this line of products based on products my mother used to make when I was a little girl.

Here you can find out more about where I came from, what my product line is all about, and why I started this business. My aim is to deliver the highest quality hair care line influenced by the environment I was immersed in which included high-quality. Growing up I saw the positive effects many natural oils would have on my mother's clients' hair.

You deserve the best products for your hair and scalp. The entire line of natural hair care products we make use organic and pure ingredients, free from gluten, soy, dairy, corn, and chemicals. The best natural hair care products with top ingredients that promote healthy hair growth.

  • Mima

    This is my mom, we call her Mima. This day she was sitting next to a customer after roller-setting her own hair. We all grew up in the shop, spending afternoons folding towels, and cleaning up. All of her grandchildren took their first steps in the shop.

    When I was younger my mom made homemade products to make my hair grow thick and long. It inspired me to make my own hair products, and my mom was there to guide me through the process. Order your Mima's Shea.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

We are excited to share this offer with you! As part of sustainable practices, Mèn Beni Natural Hair Care now offers discounts on your next order when you return your glassware to us!

Before Returning: 

1. For every 16 oz, 4oz, jar returned, you will receive $2 in store credit. All 2oz jars and containers will be $1 store credit. So if you return Two 4 oz and two-2oz jars, you will receive $6 in store credit.  All glassware must have the original metal lids, spray caps, or dropper tops. 

2. Only Mèn Beni Natural Hair Care glassware will be accepted. Please do not return any jars, bottles, or containers belonging to other companies.

3. Glassware, lids, caps, and droppers must be clean, undamaged, & label-free to qualify for credit. If these conditions are not met, your return will be accepted, however, the credit will not be applied to any glassware that does not meet these conditions.  

4. Carefully pack your return to ensure no damage occurs during shipping. We encourage you to reuse our packaging materials (boxes, packing paper, peanuts, etc.) to protect your return. 

5. Return your glassware using the shipping carrier of your choice. We are not responsible for shipping costs.

6. Before returning your glassware, please provide your name, email, and the number of glasses you plan to return in the form below and check the box agreeing to the conditions outlined on this page. 

How to Prepare Your Return:

1. Your glassware must be cleaned before returning it to us. Wash the inside of your jars and bottles with hot, soapy water to remove product residue. To remove the label, soak your glassware in HOT soapy water for 1-3 hours. Thank you so much for doing this!

2. Carefully package your return to ensure nothing breaks during shipping. 

3. Please include your name on the shipping label or inside the package so that we know who to issue the credit to once your return is received. 

Please ship your return to:

Mèn Beni

11322 Miramar Pkwy #1237

Miramar, FL 33025

When purchasing your shipping label, please hold on to the receipt as well as note the tracking number in the event that the package is lost or damaged. 

Once your return is received, your credit will be sent to the email you provided in the form below and can be used immediately.  

Your effort to reduce plastic waste is beyond appreciated.